Formula E

Formula E is the world’s first international, fully-electric street racing series aimed at bringing the latest innovations in electric vehicles and alternative energy solutions to the world’s major city centres by creating a motorsport experience that will excite generations to embrace clean energy, for a cleaner, faster future.

Since 2018 e-movement has partnered with key stakeholders in Cape Town and South Africa to secure the right to host the Formula E.

The inaugural 2023 Cape Town E-Prix was the 1st open wheel race to take place in Sub Saharan Africa since 1993. With Cape Town securing a  5-year contract with the FIA and Formula E, it marks the beginning of a new frontier of motor racing in South Africa.

Excitement was abound and the atmosphere was electric in and around the circuit as spectators waited to watch the fastest and most powerful Formula E car to date hit the streets of the Mother City for the first time.

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